sweeter then your average...

addictedd to mr.gomez after only the first time;) ladies don't sleep! he's also doin minx! hit him up on twitter !


its jus another sunday to remember were blessed ;) love you then love me!

that BECKY.....

addicted to this song!

are you addicted to what it possibly means?!
Another name for getting head, getting a blowjob, the act of receiving oral sex.

ex: I just got becky from Alissa duhhhh. Shit was so bomb!




ummm soo matt kemp is riri's new man???! well i hope shes already let hit a "homerun"! he's delish!


jersey shore bitch....

"if one thing leads to another i'm not gonna tell him to get off" -snooks duh!

this show consumed my thursday nights !! sad this season came to an end but at least we got "fist pumping" out of it!