almost A....

i still remember when i got my first bra I was in 4th grade and i HATED it! i remember like it was yesterday how everyday i would wake up in hopes that those little lima beans on my chest would some how shrink back to what i had as an infant! unfortunately for me that didn't happen! those little lima beans continued to grow until i was a hardly voluptuous size ''B"! and oh i wish i never prayed to baby hay-seuss in hopes that they stayed small! lets just say my prayer was answered!
a friend of mine "twitted" today "fake boobs are a no no...unless you have A-cups"! so whose to decide that fakes boobs are a "no-no" unless you have A-cups!? forget "beauty is the eye of the beholder" and think "boobs are the eye of the beholder";) If you want big get BIG.. if you wanna be small be small!
I've wanted to "enhance" my smile with braces (check) and "enhance my bra size with voluptuousness (_____)!
I'm happy for now but ill be filling a new size soon! I'm thinking this......
HA! Just kidding! GROSSSSS!

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