If you haven't been to the alleys on santee st.. then your what?! SLEEPIN! errytime im in LA im sure to hit this spot up for more reasons then one!
somee reasonss...
1. so these maybe be a million callories.. but lets just say id pick these bacon wrapped hotdogs over a supplement shake anyday duh!
2. bows are part of my latest obsession.. and being 3 for a $1 im stocked up! so i don't have to be irritated when i loose one after to many vodka tonics!
3. you can try and keep it healthy too! mmmm frutas with lemons juice and chili powder delish!
4. ummm needless to say i didnt purchase this shirt.. but it did catch my attention where elsee do you see shirts with this kinda stuff ! but i don't know if i should be pissed!
5. umm where esee can you see this many asses in a row with the cutest accesories! not even somee skrippas rockk with "trashy but classy" on their mind!
heres just some of the stuff i came up on! those brown boots for my cupcake were only 10$..my red ones $15.. eyelashes $1 ! (i was gonna finish the sentence with something and say priceless but thats not really the case ha)
Sooo even though the weekends are beyond packed! its well worth going! just hold your purse tight and show some cleavagee to knock those prices even lower then they already are. woop!
next time your in lala land make the "callejones" a must !

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  1. always love the callejones! best deals in L.A. At the top of the list when wereee in town!!!