more then THANKFUL..

around the holiday season i can't help but think of all the things to be thankful for! i know i've shared with you a few hot boys im thankful for! But remember MAC, my cupcake, macking, leggins, bows, my bed and my familia are also on my list of "things" im thankful for too!
the day after thanksgiving me and my aunt em go and adopt a kid or 2 from the trees found at the malls we usually pick someone with a name we think is cute, we make sure by the clothing sizes listed their chubby and a kid that asks for something educational! ;) ya soo we shouldn't be soo selective but we are ha!
anyways i wanted to do something for adults this year too! so after searching around i came across this website www.shoeboxministry.org
check it out! you can put together a box for an adult in the valley in need! the lists they have are all under 20$! put it together and then drop it off at one of the local sites here in the valley!
feel good (and feeling good after a vodka tonic doesn't count;))

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