"THINGS" i'm thankful for...

i wake up every morning reminding myself how truly blessed i am! im thankful of course for my familia and my friends! they are who make "me" !
i cant forget a few of the finer things in life that im thankful for tooo.....
westgate city! if westgate grounds could talk lets just say theyd have some stories! its my home away from home! ive laughed. drank to much. cried. whooped some ass. celebrated countless events .. the list just goes on! so im thankful for the memories ill never forget!

MAC and Hello Kitty! my besties that don't ever talk back to me;) MAC makes me loook pretty and hello kitty is the cutest! so im thankful for being pretty and all the cute things in my life!

el pato sauce and a bag of tortilla chips always put a smile on my face and my grandma always has her cabinet stocked! so im thankful for never being hungry!

umm talkin shit about you or each other with my besties and fam bam;) maybee thats not the best thing.. but has us laughing endlessly! so im thankful for those smiles!

and of course my cupcake and actual cupcakes!
be thankful!:) its the small things !

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