day drinkin duh...

i love sundays for more reasons then fiveee! i love sundays because my hood westgate city is always poppin especially when there is a home football game! not only do you have an excuse to start drinkin at 10 am, eat grilled shrimp, steak and whatever else your little black heart desires but also cut your boos cardinals shirt to turn it into something only youll be rockin at the game;)
all these people have a few things in common.. they want to (a) get drunk and (b) see there team come out with a "W" !!!

here's a few things to keep in mind next sunday at the cardinals stadium!
*if you grew up on the west or resided on the west it will more then likley be a reunion so look your cutest duh ;)
*remember when you decide to mack with the (one) to celebrate that "W" that if your in your hometown you will be seeing them for the remaining games of the season! choose wisely;)
*have 2 beers.. a shot.. then a water.. mix it up so you last for the entire game!
*get in good with the security guards and employess you get in areas you shouldn't be;) free drink vouchers and more;)
*and the only other thing i should suggest is sneak a flask with some vodka drinks add up!!! its winter so wear leggins n boots ! sneak it in your boot duh;)

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