so at first i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the first episode of MTV's Jersey Show. Now I'm not only waiting for the next episode but also watchin the recaps!

what isn't more fun then watching these "guidos" and "guidettes" being over tanned, looking like ed hardy has been vommited on not one guy in a household but ALL of them, the hollywood bump-it being rocked minus the "actual" bumpit and there all doing much more then the most in a major way!

i'm not gonna lie i'd mack with ronnie on the regular and party it up with crazy ass snookie! you need to watch it and if your hating on their overly oranged tanned figures watch it again!

its what we all wanna do on the regular minus the orange tan, ed hardy, steroids and wardrobe and what would that be??! that would be doing the most duh;)

they even have a "jerseyshore" name generator! mine would be "A-Pop" and i lovee it for more reasons then one;)

what's yours??? check it here !

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