maybe i overreact....

((( a short story about me))

this weekend in la i got a pat on the back for apologizing for being a "brat"! lol! i hardly apologize because i NEVER do anything wrong duh!;) however i had to apologize because i got quiet and wanted to just go back to the hotel because we (A) had to leave "jumbos clown room" because it wasnt everyones "scene" [disclaimer vodka tonic in my hand im makin the best of wherever i am plus they had girls in their bra and chonies on stage straight out a scene from flashdance] and (B) we were gonna get to the next bar at like 1:30 on hollywood blvd by the time we parked and got in! so putting this "situation" into the words of deenice "i didnt get my way so i became quiet" lol! soo im guilty of it and i know with being 25 already i should have grown out of that but i guess i haven't ! :/ needless to say i was over it and settled to a backyard boogie which was a blast!! i ended up falliin asleep in a romantic position w my cali homieee but woke up at 5 ready to bounce! i woke him up by pinching him because i didnt want anyone else to wake! and he said i probably shouldn't have woke him up by pinching him! whatever that meant! i then needed to decide if i should wake deenice or just bounce to the telly so i called my mom to see what kind of decision i should be making lol! [which when i said i needed to call her he responded with "calm down your using your phone a friend option" ha!]! needless to say i guess i should come with a warning! ;) and i won't be making any new years resolutions this year but i will be working on being mean and acceptin "no"! ;) don't judge me;) you'll more then likely love me :)

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