never does me dirty...

i cant help but be in love with LA and everything about it! i never wanna sleep theres to much to do! and i think this is the first time i wasnt extremly sad to come back and thats because i missed my cupcakee to the max!!!!
this past weekend trip was perfect and couldnt have wanted to share it with anyone other then my bestieee!! heres a few pics only if you new the complete story behind each one;)

us at disneyland aka frediland!
deenice me and my newest lady with the baby tiffany:)got that good good at roscoes;)
my new favorite storeee!
deenicee.. my borrachita and me sharin x-rated secrets;)
and lastly JOOSEE pronounced "juice" w his bestiee charderella;)

early am mornings.. pool halls.. gangsters and strippers.. disneyland.. tortilla joes.. backyard boogies..jumbos clown room..northwoods..tiffany.. her new babybump..budlight lime..johnnycupcakes..roscoes..the hundreds..pickles..a live taping of you got served..hot dads..me.. her and him!
untill im back next month! loveee from hollyhood;)
can't wait till the next!

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  1. i love deenice she looks so cute!!!!! you guys look like your having a blast!!!