twitter feen..

so i among the rest of us happen to twit more daily then i probably should! but why wouldnt i want the world to know how much fun im actually having! or who im currently macking with! or when my mom says the day of my monthly potluck at work should also be called "my stomachs gonna be fu*ked" day! .. exactly my point!!

more then once daily do i think to myself why the hell am i following this person they've just "twitted" something even more self-absorbed then their last tweet and i didn't think that was possible considering twitter is all about self absorbency ! however.. i never want to UN-follow the following few..

@fmylife - just when you think your having the worst day ever and your in that "slit slit" mood just remember it could always be way worse!

***latest twit.... "today i got back from a trip with a lady friend, i spent nearly a weeks salary. As I drop her off at her place, she asks if I can let her out 2 doors down so her boyfriend wouldnt get mad! hello friend zone! FML! ***

@Bwade83 - so he might come off as an asshole at times! but hey he's one of the few that keeps it blunt! and I can assure you you'll laugh at least 5 times a day with one of his 50,493 tweets a day!

***latest twit... "when I'm bored I call the nicest girl I know & tell her I wanna beat the shit out of her like chris brown & then hangup!"***

@shitmydadsays -you might find it offensive but i find it pretty hilarious and why does your dad probably say the "shit" this dude twits!

***latest twit.... "Son, no one gives a shit about all the things your cell phone does. You didn't invent it, you just bought it. Anybody can do that."***

@MissSummer - have i mentioned that we drink alike?? well we also think alike! i think i said that too! but she's to the point and remembers its just "twitter" ! she twits about her latest sexcapades and probably speaks more spanish then your nana holmes!

***latest twit... Me and @itsmeduh are talking sports. "Albert POO HOLES" is the extent of it. Typical. Goodnight! ***

and last but not least for now @chelsealately - she loves vodka tonics as much as me and shes the only female that makes me laugh more then me (how self-absorbed did that sound) ;)

***latest twit... "Grey Goose and Little Nuggets #thingsIlike"

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