what WE wore...

me- diy leggings $4.80..hello kitty sweatershirt $21.50... red undershirt $3.00 red flipflops $8.00 =the cutest duh;)

fredi- leggins $4.00... minnie sweatshirt $21.50.. white undershirt $3.00.. sparkley chucks $40.00= just as cute duh;)

i hatee payin a pretty penny for things that may end up lost, stained or left behind at "his" house;) so im always down for something cute and cheap! i've never been a name brand girl! cause guess what you know that $280 pants you bought at neiman, well i don't know how to tell you but i got the same one's at forever for 19$!

everything found at forever 21 duh! minus the chucks which can be found at macys!

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