19 on 19....

happy "19th" birthday to the only person whose ass i can whoop one day and be back to like nothing ever happend the next day!

he told me "he didnt think he would even make it this long!" i only could think to respond with " calm down cause you think your pac;)" ha! needless to say i'm blessed to see my ride or die everyday!

he's my best friend..my "twin".. my big little brother! keep in mind i do probably twice a day wanna whoop him! but i'm so proud of what he's doin.. and don't tell him even how much i lovee him!!!
he puts me up on all that good good! likeee who else has every song ever made that niki minaj sings on;) too a zillion more ! i love you alex!
and always remember were obsessed with you duhhh! xo

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