new year resolution....

soo i think new years resolutions are over rated! I don't wanna be the bear of bad news but just becausee its a new year doesn't mean its a new you! Of course we all wanna make changess loose a feww pounds... drink less..... have sexy timee.... more and saveee $ or maybe that's just me! ha! but do we all stick with those "changes"?!
Ummm basically I wanna say of coursee ill be workin on some changess one being attending anger managemnt lol! But another will be "compulsive" buyin! And here's why...
If you knoow me u know I overly love a few things one being macking another hello kitty n lastly of course cupcakes! Last night at frys I somehow came across theseee ..
And looking cute and having the word cupcake in the brand name gets me as much as sex sells! And being 2 for 5$ how could I resist! Cutee right? ! Smells like a fresh baked batch of shit cupcakes yes!
Soo in twentyten ill apply my "just because your cute doesn't mean your bomb in bed" theory! And remember that the next time something accidentally ends up in my shopping cart!

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