barbie WHO?????....

i guess back in the day i used to love some bitch! my dad has me on "vhs" when i was 4 telling santa i wanted her house and car! i still remember doin her hair and accessorizing her with the latest goods i could got my tiny little hands on! i wanted everything that had her "mark" on it! we'll just call that bitch BARBIE;)

its not that i hate her! i can't even remember when i stopped liking her ! i think i might of started disliking her because of some girl in high school! ya i said it high school! this girl was addicted to "barbie" like i was addicted to the football team! she thought she was barbie and end of the day i whooped her for some unremembered reasons and then decided to "dislike" everything she liked! i guess you could say i was a "bullybitch" ;) (and oh how much ive changed;)!)

anyways to the point i absolutly love barbisms! (one of the many things i wish i would have came up with of course) DM Howard created a collection of art that examines the concept of the ideal woman, the influence that dolls play on the creation of gender roles, and the position of women in society in my kind of way!
kind of like this....

theres a new "barbism" every monday add it to your monday to do list and if you don't love it as much as me play a game of hide and fu*k off:)

peep here!


  1. OMG so funny. My bf dated or prolly just dicked down this girl that completely assumed Barbie's identity. It was weird, she was obsessed I guess. THEN there is a girl on the internetz that calls herself "AZN Barbie" (Asian Barbie)- CALM DOWN!! Have no clue why girls get soooo obsessed over a doll- who isn't even THAT cute :/
    I liked the generic versions of Barbie. My favorite thing to do when I was a kid was take the ONE Ken doll I had and put him in bed with all the Barbies HAHA. I remember my mom going, "What are you doing???" LMAO Barbie boom boom. How typical of me.

  2. oh a barbie gang bang! ;) how typical of us ! ha!