when i heard they were opening a store called "sugardaddys" at arrowhead mall, lets just say my first thought was "i didn't know arrowhead got down like that"!! needless to say my thoughts were of course in the gutter and obviously wrong considering the store is located right outside of Forever 21 and across from the little play area arrowhead has for the kids!!

i couldn't have been happier though when i found out its a cupcake and yogurt shop! its owned by a group of "buddies" (that are hot i might add) that own a bakery in mesa and decided to try out the "west" for a new location! During my conversation with one of the owners i suggested he try the girls out west too!;) anyways! the store is what i could imagine my local bakery in heaven will look like!
after acting like i was super interested in how their business worked! i came up on some FREE cupcakes to sample! (woop woop)
they have 3 sizes .. sugarbaby (the small ones). sugarmama (4 pack of the small ones ). and the sugardaddy (the large one)! and the flavors are endless!
So far I've only tasted the red velvet one! My first thought was SPRINKLES who?! It was delish!!!!

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  1. Anonymous8.12.09

    "after acting like I was super interested..." lmao!! that's hysterical and sooo US. I want to try this place out! Always on the hunt for cupcakes :)